Ferry ticket from Mersing to Tioman Island


Sultan fees of RM 20/person to be paid in cash at Mersing ferry terminal



Book your ferry tickets to Tioman Island

Tioman Island is indeed appropriately named the best hidden gem in Peninsular Malaysia. All travellers are required to alight from their land transport at either Mersing Ferry Terminal or Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal for a change to ferry ride into the beautiful island. Mersing Ferry Tioman is the most popular boarding destination for foreign and local tourists.

Travellers who book through Tioman Transport will be advised with the Tioman ferry schedule a few days prior to each individual’s departure date. Last minute changes will be communicated to the travellers on time, so they will not wait for ferry departure under hot sun. They may go to nearby convenient stores for cold drinks to quench thirsts. Tioman Transport will ensure that the driver wait at the Mersing ferry terminal with the travellers and provide instant Tioman ferry timing updates until they successfully board the ferry to sail into Tioman Island for perfect getaway. Tioman transport offers an integrated customer service for keen travellers to Tioman Island Malaysia. For travellers who book Tioman private transport, Tioman Transport will arrange the Tioman ferry tickets as well. Booking Tioman ferry tickets with Tioman Transport not only secures the water transfer into the island but travellers are also able to obtain accurate Tioman ferry timing and Tioman ferry schedule from Tioman Transport at least few days prior to departure date.

An uninterrupted journey from Mersing Ferry Terminal to Tioman Island will take about 1.5 hours with a distance of 32-kilometres on water. The ferry transfer from Mersing Ferry Terminal to Tioman Island is often unconfirmed by other travel agencies as the ferry departure depends on the tides and weather conditions. Mersing ferries usually depart in the morning, however the allocated Tioman ferry timing may be affected and result in delay until afternoon.